Knocking Down Barriers to Innovation

In their 2011 technology audit, Ovum provides high praise for IBM's product and implementation strategies delivering a more holistic approach to managing end-to-end business infrastructure services spanning digital and physical domains. Ovum's report is predicated on the assertion that in today's global economy, CEO's consider the alignment of business and IT investments to be a top priority.

In assessing IBM in this context, the report commends the IBM strategy, claiming "IBM knocks down the proverbial wall that exists between business and IT assets." Specifically, the Ovum report shares its positive views on a host of IBM capabilities, ranging from Enterprise Asset Management to Unified Business Service Management, resulting in our leadership in providing visibility, control and automation across our client's business critical services.

Ovum acknowledges that IBM's flexible web-based architecture better aligns with the requirements of today's dynamic organizations. They also recognize that IBM provides one of the leading solution sets in the market for organizations seeking to implement best practices processes in managing their business infrastructures. In terms of implementation, Ovum praises IBM's modular approach, in that it allows for easy expansion as an organization matures in its use of an integrated infrastructure systems management.

The report highlights the quantifiable benefits of several IBM customers who leverage various IBM solutions and capabilities.To find out more about Ovum repports go to –

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